Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Unique Gift Ideas

I was browsing for a unique gift idea and compiled the perfect gift set using pieces from Anthropologie. I will be wrapping everything together in a clear cellophane bag, tied closed with a raffia ribbon (I think I enjoy gift wrapping as much as shopping). Included in the gift bag, from left to right: Preening Pen (love the peacock print); Queen's Ransom Journal (perfect for notes, recipes, or as an address book); Mark-My-Words Bookmark (pretty vintage feel). I love how all three items look together.


  1. LOVE the peacock feathers. I am a huge fan!
    P.s. I don't think I added you yet to my blogroll but I am going to now : )

  2. i love the peacock feather pen! =)

  3. Well I'd love to receive any of them! They're gorgeous.

    Peacock feathers are so beautiful.

    Florrie x