Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tips for Working from Home

The latest issue of Rue Magazine has a fantastic article and interview that applies to those of us who work from home. Jewelry designer Jess LC shares her tips on how her Chicago apartment doubles as the home base for her jewelry line.
The top 3 pieces of advice that Jess offers when working from home:

1. Make the space work for you
2. Dress for work
3. Separate storage

Jess also has a very informative blog, Make Under My Life, Design a Life with Intention,
where she addresses a lot of the issues that new small business owners face. While her blog has a lot of helpful advice for someone starting a small business, it's really an inspiring blog for everyone. You can see the beautiful Jess LC jewelry collection on the Jess LC website.


(all images via Rue)


  1. aw thanks so much lovely for following my blog! I really appreciate it :) and am now following yours as well. it's so inspiring! not to mention this article, I love her tips on working from home.
    And such a beautiful blog btw :). hope you're having an amazing weekend! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  2. Such great advice. I think getting dressed up even while working from home could help get you in a more creative mindset. Thanks for your comment over at Inspired Design... I am already following you. xo

  3. Yeah-I agree, I liked how she still dressed up while at home. It's hard to do, but I bet it makes a big difference! I loved reading that.