Friday, October 22, 2010

Modern Paper Ornaments by Kissa Design

I would love to adorn my home with these beautiful handmade modern paper ornaments by Kissa Design. Kissa Design describes these paper star urchins as "a modern twist on a cherished holiday tradition, a handmade Christmas tree star ornament or Polish folk art harvest decoration often called a porcupine ball." I love the simplicity, crafted from just paper, but with such skill that a unique and eye catching work of art is created. I also love the variety of colors available. You can essentially hang these in your home all year round, simply rotating colors as the seasons change. The colors below would be perfect for the Autumn season.

(all images via
Kissa Design)


  1. Great to hear from you! These are so fab, I would put just these on a tree, so chic! XX!~

  2. LUV these - i would so decorate my entire tree with them!

  3. How precious and delicate! Beautiful!

  4. Hi everyone! Thank you, Joanna, for such a lovely post. I enjoy making my ornaments and I'm glad you love them too!

  5. These are incredible!!! I Want!


  6. Those are so cool:)
    Hope you had a lovely weekend