Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brooklyn Heights Apartment by Welly Lei

My heart belongs to Brooklyn. I am a native Brooklyn girl and can't imagine living anywhere else (a part-time summer vacation house doesn't count). The space in Brooklyn is limited, so I love to see how home owners maximize the limited space they have. This apartment in Brooklyn Heights was deigned by Welly Lei for a family of four. I love how the designer maximized the space with built-in storage shelving and drawers under the beds. You have to be creative when designing a New York home. (images via freshome)


  1. that peak-a-boo bed is beyond fabulous - i dreamed of that as a kid!!! .. can't wait to get to Brooklyn this summer for some shooooopppppiinnngg!


  2. In love with that built in bed! What a fab apartment! Remember going to the Courts in Brooklyn heights, when I used to practice law...its so pretty over there!

  3. I adore Brooklyn, as well, and would give anything to live there! I'm especially smitten with that little hideaway/nook bed in the fourth picture. So adorable!! :)

  4. Love how that bed is tucked away like that!

  5. Hey! I have no idea why I wasn't following your blog earlier. I don't think I knew about this. Well I'm following you now!

    I love the bathrooms. So pretty and elegant!

  6. The little hideaway bed is beyond fantastic, and I'm dying for a kitchen that extravagant!

    I'm loving your blog, so glad you found mine! I'm a follower of yours too ^_^