Saturday, April 17, 2010

Grand Street Sidewalk Sale in Brooklyn

This entire weekend - Boutiques located on Grand Street between Kent Avenue and Havemeyer Street in Brooklyn are hosting a "Sidewalk Sale." Hopefully the weather will hold up. I am hoping to go over and do some shopping. Happy Weekend!


  1. Awesome blog! HOW did I not find you before I wonder. Anyway, very cool, I lived on Grand Street back in 2001, when it was not quite as happenin' as it is now, mainly bodegas and lots of little yards featuring astroturf and Virgin Mary statues! Very kitsch, now that I think about it! Anyway, glad I found you, and I'm definitely following!

    Have a lovely weekend, and if you get a moment, pop by and check out my Catherine Deneuve giveaway! Cheers!

  2. oh, so wonderful wish i could have walk around! ;)

  3. I hope the weather holds up too.
    I wanted to go.
    But it looks like it's going to pour.
    And I don't want to go up there and then have it start raining by the time I get there.


  4. ahhhh i Wish I wasn't busy this weekend. I would totally check it out. PS: I entered for your giveaway - super excited.