Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Hunt

I'm on the hunt for a new carry-all bag. Between traveling back and forth to my house restoration project, trips to home depot, lugging my netbook around, and taking jewelry orders to the post office for shipping, I find myself carrying several bags at once. I've been looking for a new carry-all for a while but get easily distracted by gorgeous bags that aren't all that practical. I've finally focused & narrowed it down to these, from left to right: Ancient Craft Carryall by Anthropologie (so different; I love the texture of the leather shapes & the stitching); Leather Zip Pocket Round Sack Tote by Olivia Harris (love the over-sized outside pocket. I've always wanted a gray bag); Rivers & Rivulets Bag by Anthropologie (perfect height and my favorite color). Which to buy?

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