Sunday, August 2, 2009


I just discovered the Hazel clothing collection at a local boutique here in Brooklyn. I love finding new & rare things so that I won't be wearing the same thing as the next girl. I purchased an adorable tunic dress, which you can see in my profile photo (wore it to the beach yesterday). I wasn't able to find this dress on Hazel's website so that you can see a close-up shot (must be sold-out). The colors on the dress are beautiful - a mix of cranberry, blue & mustard. My favorite detail is the black croquet neckline and crochet straps. Several of the pieces in the collection use the same crochet detailing. Here are some of my favorite dresses, from left to right: Dress with Crochet Neckline (same style as the one I purchased); Dress with Front Pockets (such a sweet pattern); Halter Dress with Piping (love this unique style of halter). Feel free to share your unique fashion finds!

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