Monday, July 27, 2009

Wall Sconces

My hubby & I are currently restoring a 1909 carriage house in Brooklyn, NY. The house has some beautiful (and slightly damaged) original details, like the tin ceiling on the main floor that we are hoping to restore. Tin ceiling = no ceiling light fixtures, so we're entering the world of wall sconces. Yet another decision for us to make, from left to right: Tiffany Wall Sconce (vintage bronze, made with 36 pieces of glass); Voltaire Wall Sconce, by Jasper van Grootel (available in almost any color you can think of); Groton Wall Sconce by Hudson Valley (I really love this industrial-style lighting, but am afraid it won't suit the style of the house well). Decisions, decisions. I'l be back with some more options.

1 comment :

  1. why must you taunt me with the most beautiful 500 dollar sconce i've ever seen :(