Friday, July 31, 2009

For the Love of Brooklyn

I love all things Brooklyn. I am a native Brooklyn girl and can't imagine living anywhere else. My new house, which is a major restoration-in-progress, is located on a classic Brooklyn tree-lined block. I am surrounded by beautiful historic limestones, each over 100 years old. This kind of neighborhood just can't be replicated.


  1. Totally jealous. I love brooklyn. I was trying to get hubby to agree to living there, but long island won out! Ah have no idea how.

  2. Brooklyn is a great area. I'm heading to NY this next week. Any tips on where to shop?

  3. Darrah - if you're in Brooklyn - check out "Lola Boutique." They just expanded to a very cool space. I shopped there yesterday and bought an awesome Hazel top. They have a nice selection of clothes. A lot of unique things so you won't be wearing the same thing as the next girl. Have a great week in NY!

  4. I am a native New Yorker myself and I must confess I have a crush on Brooklyn;-)

    I'm stalking---er, umm.... I mean following from the Bronx..

    Much NY Love;-)


  5. Lucky lucky you!! I'm not from NYC but I think Brooklyn is so charming!